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D1 Arkema: Lyon in the lead after half of the season

After half of the D1 Arkema season, Lyon remain in the lead after a narrow win against Paris FC. The other Parisian club, PSG are trailing by 3 points on the 2nd place, while Paris FC are third, but already with 8-point deficit behind PSG.

D1 Arkema, Matchday 13

Sunday, 12th of December

Soyaux-Charente – Montpellier HSC 0-1 (0-1) 
Scorers: 20′ Dominika Škorvankova (M)
Yellow cards: 8′ Anissa Lahmari (S), 17′ Marie-Charlotte Leger (S), 80′ Clarisse Le Bihan (M)

Paris SG – Gironding Bordeaux 1-0 (0-0) 
Scorers: 69′ Sakina Karchaoui (P)
Yellow cards: 14′ Charlotte Bilbault (B), 18′ Lea Khelifi (P), 88′ Maelle Garbino (B)

Dijon FCO – EA Guingamp 1-1 (1-0) 
Scorers: 19′ Desire Oparanozie (D), 52′ Heloise Mansuy (G)
Yellow cards: 26′ Sana Daoudi (G), 34′ Solene Barbance (D), 55′ Sarah Cambot (G), 60′ Emmy Jezequel (G), 73′ Heloise Mansuy (G), 90+4′ Aissata Traore (G)

Paris FC – Olympique Lyon 1-2 (1-2) 
Scorers: 38′ Delphine Cascarino (L), 39′ Ada Hegerberg (L), 45+1′ Thea Greboval (P)
Yellow cards: 42′ Sophie Vaysse (P), 82′ Julie Soyer (P), 86′ Tess Laplacette (P), 88′ Amandine Henry (L)
Red cards: 64′ SOphie Vaysse (P) 2nd yellow

Saint-Etienne – Stade Reims 0-1 (0-1) 
Scorers: 15′ Rachel Corboz (R) pen
Yellow cards: 23′ Sonie Ouchene (R), 31′ Leonie Multari (E), 53′ Lou-Ann Joly (R), 65′ Maud Antoine (E)

Fleury 91 – Issy FF 1-0 (0-0) 
Scorers: 71′ Nikola Karczewska (F)
Yellow cards: 28′ Marie Levasseur (F), 54′ Agathe Donnary (I), 90′ Lea Le Garrec (F)

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