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PSG maintain 1 point advantage, D1 Arkema, Matchday 20

In D1 Arkema, Matchday 20, Soyaux-Charente achieved an important win in the relegation battle. PSG and Lyon both won, the difference at the top stay one point.

9th of May

Le Havre – Paris SG 0-2 (0-1)
6′ Nadia Nadim (P), 80′ Marie-Antoinette Katoto (P)
Yellow cards:
25′ Anna Björk (L), 33′ Irene Paredes (P), 63′ Ashley Clark (L)

Dijon – Paris FC 0-1 (0-0)
57′ Clara Mateo (P)
Yellow cards:
52′ Noemie Carage (D), 60′ Clara Mateo (P)

Issy FF – Olympique Lyon 0-4 (0-3)
10′ Amel Majri (L) pen, 32′ Catarina Macario (L), 42′ Catarina Macario (L), 56′ Eugenie Le Sommer (L)
Yellow cards:
73′ Kayla Mills (I)

8th of May

Soyaux-Charente – Fleury 91 1-0 (0-0)
90′ Henriette Akaba (S)
Yellow cards:
58′ Agathe Donnary (S), 63′ Charlotte Fernandes (F)

Montpellier HSC – Bordeaux 0-1 (0-0)
76′ Khadija Shaw (B)
Yellow cards:
19′ Iva Landeka (M), 40′ Ella Palis (B), 44′ Dominika Škorvankova (M), 47′ Anouk Dekker (M), 49′ Sarah Puntigam (M), 56′ Adelina Engman (M), 85′ Ghoutia Karchouni (B)

EA Guingamp – Stade Reims 0-0 (0-0)
Yellow cards:
39′ Alison Peniguel (G), 44′ Sarah Cambot (G)


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