PSG drop points against Montpellier (source: Montpellier)
PSG drop points against Montpellier (source: Montpellier)

In Matchday 16 of D1 Arkema, PSG drew for the first time in the season. After their only defeat against Lyon, Montpellier managed to hold to the goalless draw. Lyon had a chance to increase advantage to 5 points against Saint-Etienne and make a huge step towards the title but failed to win against Saint-Etienne. This was the first league game without a win in the current season for Lyon. The difference on the top remains 3 points.

D1 Arkema, Matchday 16

Saturday, 12th of March

Soyaux-Charente – Girondins Bordeaux 0-3 (0-0)
Scorers: 53′ Julie Dufour (B), 90′ Melissa Gomes (B), 90+3′ Maelle Garbino (B)
Yellow cards: 10′ Emeline Saint-Georges (S), 35′ Rlla Kaabachi (S), 55′ Cathy Couturier (S), 86′ Mickaella Cardia (B)
Other events: 18′ Katja Snoeijs (B) missed penalty

Saint-Etienne – Olympique Lyon 1-1 (0-0)
Scorers: 173′ Manon Uffren (S), 79′ Melvine Malard (L)
Yellow cards: 21′ Leonie Multari (S), 38′ Chloe Bornes (S), 43′ Cindy Caputo (S), 78′ Ellie Carpenter (L), 89′ Emily Burns (S)

EA Guingamp – Stade Reims 0-1 (0-0)
Scorers: 90′ Oceane Deslandes (S)
Yellow cards: 25′ Aissata Traore (G), 42′ Sana Daoudi (G)

Dijon FCO – Issy FF 0-1 (0-0)
Scorers: 73′ Batcheba Louis (I)
Yellow cards: /

Friday, 11th of March

Paris FC – Fleury 91 3-1 (1-1)
Scorers: 13′ Dominika Grabowska (F), 27′ Mathilde Bourdieu (P), 61′ Mathilde Bourdieu (P), 88′ Clara Mateo (P)
Yellow cards: 39′ Mathilde Bourdieu (P)

Paris Saint-Germain – Montpellier HSC 0-0 (0-0)
Scorers: /
Yellow cards: 62′ Iva Landeka (M), 88′ Sandy Baltimore (P), 90+3′ Kheira Hamraoui (P)


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