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D1 Arkema: PSG – Reims abandoned due to fireworks

In the Matchday 4 of D1 Arkema, the match between Paris Saint Germain and Stade Reims was abondoned in the second half due to fireworks aimed at the pitch. Players fleed to the tunnels for their safety and there were no injuries reported. According to some information, 3 minors were turned away at the entrance before the match. Dissatisfied, they took revenge by throwing these firecrackers, causing the game to be stopped.

Saturday, 14th of October

Goals: 69โ€™ Gaรซtane Thiney pen (PARIS FC), 89โ€™ Julie Dufour (PARIS FC)
Yellow cards: 37โ€™ Jeannette Yango (GUINGAMP), 87โ€™ Alison Peniguel (GUINGAMP)

LE HAVRE – LILLE 2-2 (0-2)
Goals: 7โ€™ Lorena Azzaro (LILLE), 24โ€™ Nesryne El Chad (LILLE), 90+2โ€™ Chanelle Tchaptchet (LE HAVRE), 90+8โ€™ Nesryne El Chad og (LE HAVRE)
Yellow cards: 22โ€™ Eva Kouache (LE HAVRE), 26โ€™ Naomie Bamenga (LILLE), 35โ€™ Laรซtitia Philippe (LE HAVRE), 59โ€™ Chanelle Tchaptchet (LE HAVRE)
Red cards: 45+2โ€™ Naomie Bamenga (LILLE)

FLEURY – DIJON 2-1 (0-1)
Goals: 42โ€™ Sarah Jankovska (DIJON), 63โ€™ Dominika Grabowska (FLEURY), 70โ€™ Ewelina Kamczyk (FLEURY)
Yellow cards: 16โ€™ Meriame Terchoun (DIJON), 76โ€™ Hรฉlรจne Fercocq (DIJON), 88โ€™ Marine Dafeur (FLEURY)


Friday, 13th of October

Goals: 52โ€™ Andrรฉa Lardez pen (BORDEAUX), 60โ€™ Lea Khelifi (MONTPELLIER)
Yellow cards: 63โ€™ Oceane Hurtre (BORDEAUX), 64โ€™ Lea Khelifi (MONTPELLIER), 82โ€™ Laurine Pinot (BORDEAUX), 84โ€™ Fiona Liaigre (BORDEAUX)

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