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D1 Arkema: Catarina Macario brings Lyon a new title!

In Matchday 21 of D1 Arkema we already got a new French champion. With a goal from Catarina Macario in the 3rd minute against Paris Saint-Germain, Lyon have now 8 points advantage ahead of the last matchday.

D1 Arkema, Matchday 21

Sunday, 29th of May

Paris SG – Olympique Lyon 0-1 (0-1)
Scorers: 3′ Catarina Macario (L)
Yellow cards: 86′ Damaris Egurrola (L)

Saturday, 28th of May

Soyaux-Charente – EA Guingamp 2-0 (0-0)
Scorers: 66′ Camille Collin (S), 74′ Fadimatou Kome (S)
Yellow cards: 49′ Anna Clerac (S)

Fleury 91 – Saint-Etienne 4-2 (0-2)
Scorers: 9′ Juliette Vidal (S), 23′ Kelly Gago (S), 47′ Nikola Karczewska (F) pen, 60′ Nikola Karczewska (F), 86′ Nikola Karczewska (F), 89′ Julie Piga (F)
Yellow cards: 30′ Elise Bonet (S), 30′ Grace Ngock (F)

Dijon FCO – Stade Reims 2-2 (1-1)
Scorers: 28′ Lea Declercq (D), 44′ Kethna Louis (S), 49′ Lea Declercq (D), 72′ Melchie Daelle (S)
Yellow cards: 15′ Ophelie Cuynet (D), 23′ Sonia Ouchene (S), 74′ Oceane Deslandes (S), 90+2′ Magou Doucoure (S), 90+3′ Vicki Becho (S)

Issy FF – Montpelier HSC 2-5 (1-3)
Scorers: 7′ Nerilia Mondesir (M), 12′ Cyrielle Blanc (M), 27′ Adelie Fourre (I), 38′ Lena Petermann (M), 63′ Nerilia Mondesir (M), 66′ Batcheba Louis (I), 90+1′ Mary Fowler (M)
Yellow cards: 46′ Lena Petermann (M), 58′ Maelle Lakrar (M), 61′ Cyrielle Blanc (M), 76′ Esther Mbakem-Niaro (M)

Friday, 27th of May

Girondins Bordeaux – Paris FC 1-4 (1-3)
Scorers: 20′ Melissa Herrera (B), 35′ Gaetane Thiney (P), 43′ Gaetane Thiney (P), 45+1′ Ouleymata Sarra (P), 82′ Ouleymata Sarr (P)
Yellow cards: 27′ Charlotte Bilbault (B), 31′ Thea Greboval (P), 38′ Tainara da Silva (B)
Red cards: 85′ Tainara da Silva (B) 2nd yellow

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