Eintracht beat Hoffenheim in battle for the 3rd place (source: Eintracht Frankfurt)
Eintracht beat Hoffenheim in battle for the 3rd place (source: Eintracht Frankfurt)

In the matchday 15 of Frauen Bundesliga, Eintracht Frankfurt returned into the battle for the 3rd place with a win against their direct rivals, Hoffenheim. Both teams are now tied with 31 points. Bayern remain on the top with two points advantage over Wolfsburg, who have one game less.

Frauen Bundesliga, Matchday 15

Sunday, 6th of March

FC Bayern München – FC Köln 6-0 (0-0)
Scorers: 48′ Lea Schüller (B), 50′ Viviane Asseyi (B), 66′ Hanna Glas (B), 68′ Lea Schüller (B), 76′ Lea Schüller (B), 90+1′ Saki Kumagai (B)
Yellow cards: 13′ Anja Pfluger (K), 34′ Peggy Kuznik (K)

SGS Essen – Turbine Potsdam 0-5 (0-4)
Scorers: 6′ Melissa Kössler (T), 17′ Melissa Kössler (T), 19′ Merle Barth (T), 28′ Selina Cerci (T), 53′ Selina Cerci (T)
Yellow cards: 44′ Gina Chmielinski (T)
Other events: 12′ Merle Barth (T) missed penalty, 75′ Melissa Kössler (T) missed penalty

Carl Zeiss Jena – SC Sand 1-4 (0-2)
Scorers: 15′ Patricia George (S), 23′ Noemi Gentile (S), 55′ Verena Volkmer (C), 86′ Dorthe Hoppius (S), 87′ Chiara Loos (S)
Yellow cards: 39′ Verena Volkmer (C)

Vfl Wolfsburg – SC Freiburg 4-1 (1-0)
Scorers: 15′ Dominique Janssen (W) pen, 48′ Pauline Bremer (W), 51′ Rebecka Blomqvist (W), 59′ Tabea Wassmuth (W), 79′ Hasret Kayikci (F)
Yellow cards: 69′ Lena Lattwein (W), 90+4′ Lisa Karl (F)

Saturday, 5th of March

Eintracht Frankfurt – TSG Hoffenheim 3-2 (0-1)
Scorers: 9′ Leticia de Oliveira (H) og, 57′ Barbara Dunst (E), 68′ Lara Prašnikar (E), 84′ Chantal Hagel (H), 86′ Anna Aehling (E)
Yellow cards: 90+4′ Franziska Harsch (H)

Friday, 4th of March

Bayer Leverkusen – Werder Bremen 1-1 (0-1)
Scorers: 13′ Michelle Ulbrich (W) pen, 55′ Verena Wieder (B) pen
Yellow cards: 65′ Lina Hausicke (W)


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