Amparito Delgado extends with Sevilla (source: Sevilla)
Amparito Delgado extends with Sevilla (source: Sevilla)
Amparito Delgado extends, Morgane Nicoli moves to Sevilla. The former and will stay with the club until the end of the next season, while Nicoli penned a two-year deal.
The 29-year-old Amparito has been with the Andalusian club her whole career and will enter the fifteenth season with Sevilla. During this time, the Spanish right-back played 180 matches in Liga Iberdrola, 12 in the last season.
“Imagine, one more year at the club where I always wanted to be. It was a dream since I was a little girl and I feel proud and privileged. When I look back I see that little girl, I think I’ve matured and I remember that day quite a lot. We’re growing up, now it’s the evolution of women’s football, but everything I’ve experienced stays with me,” said Amparito, joining Nagore Calderon, Teresa Merida and Esther Sullastres, who also renewed their contracts in the last weeks.

On the other side, a new summer signing is a 25-year-old, who has spent her whole career with Montpellier, apart from a brief spell with OSC Lille. During her time in the south of France, the French centre-back played over 50 matches in D1 Arkema League. Moving abroad for the first time in her career, Nicoli is the 7th summer signing for Sevilla, joining Yolanda Aguirre, Silvia Meseguer,  Amanda Sampedro, Eva Llamas, Arola Aparicio, and Cristina Martin-Prieto.


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