Melanie Serrano retires (source: FC Barcelona)
Melanie Serrano retires (source: FC Barcelona)
Melanie Serrano retires after her contract expires at the end of June and after over 18 years at FC Barcelona, the player announced today in tears.
The 32-year-old is a true Blaugrana legend. Born in Seville, she joined Barcelona as a 14-year-old girl back in 2003. During her time with the club, Serrano made 516 appearances, which puts her on the top of the list of the players with the most appearances. With Barcelona, she won 7 Liga Iberdrola and Copa de la Reina titles, but the Women’s Champions League in the last season was a cherry on the top of her amazing career.
“I made the most difficult decision because my life story has always been tied to this club. I no longer give what I want to the team. I have been offered the chance to work on a new project, and I will be putting all of my soul into doing it as well as I possibly can,” explained Serrano.


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