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Juventus-Fiorentina, Supercup final match report

For the third consecutive time, Juventus and Fiorentina met in the Women’s Italian Super Cup final, after having eliminated Roma and Milan in the semifinals.

Juventus was a better team
Juventus was a better team (source: Juventus)

First few minutes passed with the teams studying each other, focusing more on ball possession and defence. Juventus threteaned first when Arianna Caruso tried from the distance but Katja Schroffenegger had no troubles with the save. In 16th minute, Juventus was again dangerous in the area but Hurtig couldn’t exploit the confusion in Fiorentina’s defence, ending with the shot of the Swedish player deflected into the corner. The first chance for Viola came a minute later with Sabatino try, but Giuliani managed to successfully block the shot. Juventus women were high pressing the Fiorentina defence but Violas still managed to keep them from getting any real chances. Lina Hurtig and Cristiana Girelli managed to get some shots on target for Juventus but Schroffenegger was always ready and managed to keep her net untouched. Also Sara Gama tried with a header but once again Fiorentina’s goalkeeper managed to block it. Juventus finally managed to get in front in 39th minute after Barbara Bonansea managed to avoid offside and routinely scored for the 1-0 lead.

Bonansea scored twice to secure the title
Bonansea scored twice to secure the title (source: Juventus)

Second half continued with Juventus domination. Girelli tried again with a short from the edge of the area but way too high. In 55th minute Barbara Bonansea scored once again after a nice pass from Caruso, leaving Schroffenegger no chance with a placed shot. Fiorentina women became dangerous and tried to get back into the game with a header by Viglucci after a cross by Bonetti. But Giuliani did not have any problems. With Fiorentina coming forward, there were more opporutunites for Juventus. Lisa Boattin’s shot got denied by the post in 68th minute. In the last 20 minutes, pace of the game slowed down and Juventus had no problems defending the lead until the final whistle and their second consecutive Super cup title.

Italian Women’s Supercup Final
Stadio Comunale di Chiavari
Juventus – Fiorentina 1-0
39th Bonansea (J); 55th Bonansea (J)

Juventus: Giuliani, Hyyrynen (44th Lundorf), Gama (C), Salvai, Boattin, Pedersen, Galli, Caruso (41st Rosucci), Hurtig (41st Staskova), Bonansea (26th Cernoia), Girelli.

On the bench: Bacic, Zamanian, Souza Alves, Sembrant, Giordano. Coach: Rita Guarino.

Fiorentina: Schroffenegger; Thogersen, Quinn, Tortelli (C), Zanoli, Kim (27th Monnecchi), Neto, Middag (18thAdami), Vigilucci (41st Baldi), Bonetti (27th Clelland), Sabatino.

On the bench: Ohrstrom, Cordia, Jensen, Ripamonti, Mani. Coach: Nicola Melani.

Referee: Maria Marotta di Sapri (Assistants: Lucia Abruzzese di Foggia, Veronica Vettorel di Latina – 4th referee: Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi di Livorno).

Yellow cards: 34th Thogersen (F).

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